Pine Berries and Bubble Berries

Strawberries that taste like Pineapple and Bubblegum are a total delight!!! The brand new varieties offer a subtle taste of the unique flavours, but still retain the original strawberry taste.   They all taste like strawberries but when you bite into the Pineberry it has a citrus taste. It is not like biting into a [...]

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Wye Valley Asparagus

Wye Valley Asparagus! The Beauty of the British Spring!   Wye Valley Produce is grown by fourth-generation farmers, the Chinn family, in the Wye Valley, near Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire. They planted our first Asparagus crop in the Spring of 2003. The light, sandy soil and south-facing slopes of the meandering Wye Valley capture the earliest [...]

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Jersey Royals

    Spring just starts and the Jersey Royal Mids are here!!   Jersey Royal Potatoes are famous for being the UK's favourite new potato and are renowned for their unique taste, flavour, and delicate skins. However, not only do Jersey Royal Potatoes taste fantastic, they are also incredibly nutritious. In 1880 a Jersey farmer [...]

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