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It is our pleasure to present our speciality Tomato grower, Nutbourne Nursery, which is where we buy our juicy Mixed English Tomatoes.

The season runs from end of March till October and the box will contain 12 – 14 different varieties.

Red & Yellow Cherry Vine, Baby Plum Vine, San Marzano, Plum Vine, Orange Vine, Tiger Vine and Beef tomatoes are just to name a few.

The Nursery which is in Pulborough, West Sussex is run by Gary Griffin and his family. They have been growing many varieties of tomatoes which can be ordered in the mix or by individual lines, such as: Cherry Vine (yellow, red and orange). The Griffin family run a tight operation at Nutbourne. They do this on an approximately 1 acre plot which they also live on, maximising the production of their English Tomatoes (& minimising sick days!).


The English Tomatoes are grown, picked and packed on site daily, this allows PFC to gets a supply of top quality produce from a local grower to your kitchen within 24hours.


It really is AS FRESH AS IT GETS!!!!


Here at Premier Fruits Catering the 5 kg Mixed Box and 3 kg Cherry Vine Mixed Box are extremely popular, but please note that we do not spit these!