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Premier Fruits Catering is proud to present one of our amazing partners … Westlands!


Grown in the Vale of Evesham in the heart of the UK, Westlands unique ranges of new and innovative products are selected for the finest quality and flavour.

Westlands – About us

Over the past 60 years, Westlands has developed from a traditional salad and leaf grower to a dynamic pioneer of speciality leaf using the latest growing techniques and cutting edge technology.

Westlands are proud to be the largest British speciality grower of Micro Leaf, Inspired Leaves & Edible Flowers and Taste of the Sea products. Our reputation has been built on market leading innovation; working with and developing our customers’ expectations and our personal care and attention to product quality.

By working closely with forward thinking, quality focused chefs and foodservice companies our aim is to constantly evolve by developing new, inspiring and amazing tasting innovation!

Westlands – The Range

Inspired Leaves & ‘Grown in the Dark’ shoots

Our collection of more unusual and distinctive culinary leaves and shoots. Selected for their visual and flavour impact, the range includes historical herbs such as Sweet Cicely and crisp Buckler Sorrel and traditionally foraged products like Wild Garlic. For a taste from the Orient, try our new fiery Wasabi leaves or large spicy Purple Shiso leaves. Add an edge to deserts and drinks with our Aztec Sweet Herb, Chocolate Mint or Lemon Verbena. Our exciting ‘Grown in the Dark’ range of blanched products introduces new super sweet Popcorn Shoots and tasty hot horseradish shoots.

Inspired Edible Flowers & Fruits

Chosen for their striking colours and captivating scent, our edible flowers collection adds a unique structure and sensory sensation to your dish or cocktail. Choose from the myriad of Viola colours to the retro peppery-sweet Nasturtium flowers; or large Courgette flowers perfect for stuffing to tiny Tagete flowers with a citrusy bite. Our cute little Micro Melons give crunch and a clean taste to your creation.

Taste of the Sea

Our Taste of the Sea coastal sea vegetables collection is a diverse range of edible leaves and flowers grown for their own unique taste and saline qualities, often succulent in texture and with striking visual appeal. It includes classically foraged products like sweet and crunchy blanched Sea Kale; decorative Rock Samphire leaves and flowers; fresh tasting oyster leaf and succulent Marsh Samphire. Try our new delicate sprigs of Sea Spray or wispy Okahijiki Japanese land seaweed or the ever popular Salty Fingers that pop in the mouth. Delightful eaten raw, gently steamed or sautéed, the Taste of the Sea range adds a light, delicate flavour when traditionally partnered with fish, seafood or salt-marsh lamb.

Growing Collection

Grown in a clean, soil-free medium and supplied still growing in their punnets: you cut what you need and then still have some fresh for another day. Used right at the very last minute, it makes life a little easier for garnishing at the pass.

Our Growing collection is available as single varieties including Wheatgrass and Toona shoots, or as a mixed variety box. Fresh and flexible this collection makes an ideal introduction to the world of Micro Leaf and Cresses, as a flavoursome ingredient or garnish to compliment many dishes.

Micro Leaf

Our extensive range of very young, small leaves harvested at the seed leaf or first true leaf stage. Packed with flavour, they add an extra dimension to salads or that magical touch to complete a savoury dish or even a sweet desert.  Developed over the last 10 years, our Micro Leaf range is selected for flavour, visual interest and quality. Grown in our state-of-the-art glasshouses in clean, soil-free conditions our Micro Leaf is pre-cut for your convenience. Used and eaten whole, there is almost no preparation and very little waste.