Whats on in the market

Spanish Broad Beans are looking good and tasting great. The price will improve as the season kicks in. Amazing super food for your salads and spring recipes.


The rough, red leathery skin of the Lychee fruit contrasts with the white, creamy fruit inside. Originating in China, Lychee is a tropical fruit known for its sweet and fragrant flavour.


The best English Watercress it`s here! 10 miles west of Salisbury, Broadchalke is one of several small villages that form the beautiful Chalke Valley. Many changes and improvements have been made to the site over the last 120 years, but the famous Watercress grows in the same way as before to maintain its uniqueness.


Girolles Mushrooms, or golden chanterelles as they are also sometimes known, are a wonderful type of edible mushroom. Quite light and, delicate, the flavour you get from girolles is outstanding almost fruity and quite peppery.


Morels Mushrooms are wild mushrooms found all over the British Isles. With a creamy white stem and conical cap they grow in dry, sandy areas so it is important to wash them well to get rid of any grit. This distinctive mushroom has a pitted honeycomb-like fruit body and is hollow inside. It can only be found in the wild.


Spring Greens are the first cabbages of the year. They have fresh, loose heads without the hard heart of other cabbages. You can steam, or blanch them in boiling water. They have a silky-soft texture, and taste sweeter and fresher than the robust, hearted cabbages we associate with winter, so they fit well with lighter spring and summer cooking. Serve as a side dish with plenty of butter and seasoning to accompany lamb, game, pork, beef and sausages.


You say tomato … I say Kumato!!!

Kumatoes are unique in both color and taste. Unlike normal tomatoes, Kumatoes can be eaten at any color stage, with each stage given a different taste and texture. They range in appearance from rich brown to deep red. Kumatoes taste is distinctly intense, crisp taste which relies on contrasting sweet and sour notes.


Nettles still quite small at the moment but as soon as the sun start to hit up the days they will be ready for your menu! Probably just few days away now!

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